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In Vogue: Virtual Life Coaching for Students and Graduates.

Updated: May 17

The demands and stressors placed on college freshmen and exiting seniors are vastly different from those of previous generations. A life coach can provide the personalized guidance and support that young adults crave. Coaches like Dr. Brian Harke,, can help with just that by offering Virtual life coaching for students and young adults. Virtual life coaching provides flexibility for students and recent graduates by reducing the need for in-person appointments and providing access to support services on their own time.


Life coaches help college students and recent graduates deal with the pressures of independence, develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, and depression, and promote overall well-being by offering a safe space for them to discuss their concerns and learn effective self-care strategies. Students' personal development and self-discovery grow by engaging them in reflective exercises and skill-building activities that enhance self-awareness and confidence. They help students identify their values, strengths, and areas for improvement.


In higher education, life coaching programs are becoming increasingly common. These programs begin with an orientation and continue with regular coaching sessions, throughout the academic year and beyond. The long-term effects of virtual life coaching extend far beyond the immediate, providing students and grads with the ability to set and achieve meaningful goals, manage their time effectively, and maintain a positive, growth-oriented mindset.


While the college experience will always be challenging, life coaching offers students and recent graduates the necessary tools to not just survive, but thrive.


Dr. Harke states, “It is a valuable resource for college students and grads, providing support and guidance that can lead to personal growth.”  College life can be challenging. A virtual life coach can help students navigate this exciting but challenging phase of their life.



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