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"Live a great story... do it with empathy and self-compassion"


Dr. Brian Harke


Welcome to my college/life coach website. This site is a resource for students, parents and educators alike to discuss issues of education and life in the 21st century.

Feel free to add information to the forum section, or email me with links to resources you'd like to share. I hope you find the following information helpful.

Need a Life/College Coach?


In A Dean’s Life,

Dr. Brian Harke shares a unique view of college life by peeling back the façade of the college brochure to share true stories of the student experience.


Eye-opening and down-to-earth, the stories will inform and enlighten those considering or currently involved with higher education.


You won’t find these stories in a recruitment brochure or on university websites.


As a Dean of Students, Dr. Harke opens his daily diary to share some of the most meaningful experiences he’s had with students over the past 15 years. He movingly describes the real experience of many who work in higher education.

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